The Birth of Rudy’s Market

Original proprietor Rudy Schwarz opens Rudy’s Market in Downtown Clarkston near the corner of Washington and Main.


Rudy’s Market Suffers From Fires

Rudy’s Market suffers a series of seven fires in 6 years.


Rudy’s Market Relocates to Clarkston Mills

Schwarz sets up a temporary storefront in the nearby township hall when it was at 21 S. Main Street and eventually relocates his store to the Clarkston Mills building, alongside the popular Dairy Bar, at South Main and Depot Road.


Rudy’s Market Makes Its Final Move

Rudy’s Market finally moves to 9 South Main Street, where it exists today. Built in 1915, the native-stone building originally housed a Ford dealership and service shop and later a Kroger store, before becoming the Clarkston landmark indelibly known as Rudy’s.


Rudy’s Market Under New Ownership

Already retired, Schwarz and his family sell the business in to Robert Esshaki and Chris Thomas, who revamp the more than half-century-old Main Street staple, adding new culinary specialties and pizza, alongside a wider wine selection. Through it all they retain the name—and the charm—of Rudy’s Market.


A Local Legend Leaves His Legacy

Local legend Rudy Schwarz, the founder of Rudy’s Market, passes away peacefully at age 83.


Rudy’s Market Expansion Plan

Rudy’s Market enters into an agreement to purchase the Clarkston News Building at 5 South Main Street and the adjacent parking lot with plans to expand their operations.


Renovations In Effect

Rudy’s Market closes on Labor Day for renovations. It is slated to open in the spring of 2024 with the addition of new restaurants.

Use of historical photos generously granted by Clarkston Community Historical Society Collection.